Welcome to Technical Food 4U

Technical Food 4U is a Safety & Quality Technical Food Management Consultancy based in South Wales and near to the South West providing support to clients in the food and beverage manufacturing, retailers and food service sectors of the industry, near and further afield

So whether you are a company requiring short term cover due to missing key staff through illness/holidays/extended absence or need quick fix of technical support as a result of failing to manage or missing, an integral part of your food safety system (ie; due to a failed internal or external audit, failing to meet or comply to legal requirements or advised by your EHO or customer etc). Increase in customer demands/volume of business; seasonal variability or just need someone to ‘hit the ground running’, Technical Food 4U are here to help you.

Consultancy and mentoring support on a basis that suits you is on hand and can be anything from complying with the needs of your EHO, SALSA or BRC.

Technical Food 4U is dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions that meet your exact requirements within your specified time-frame.

The technical services provided are based on 8 key areas: